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We are at a distance from you, we are loyally to serve you.
  • 1. First cooperation; we provide free technical guidance for quick cooling hot molds;
  • 2, our company can also open fast cooling hot mold for customers;
  • 3. Provide customers with quick cooling and rapid hot forming solutions and system configuration solutions for free;
  • 4. Free installation and commissioning of the equipment sold;
  • 5. Free training of customer technical personnel;
  • 6. During the warranty period, in addition to the customer's human damage and force majeure factors, we promise to provide free maintenance and service for the quality of the equipment;
  • 7, we provide you with long-term technical support, we only charge the cost of on-site service in China;
  • 8, we provide you with the service of ordering spare parts;
  • 9, response time: 24/7 online support.