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Advantages of rapid heating and rapid cooling technology

Eliminate flow mark of high polishing part, and increase finish on part surface

Even mold temperature could eliminate flow mark, stress mark and welding line on part surface

Eliminate rich fiber, welding line on part surface made by Glass Fiber resin, could reach high gloss effect.

Eliminate stress mark and reduce cracks on part surface, increase plating yield rate

Reduce injection cycle time of thick wall parts, so as to reduce production cost

Eliminate welding line and flow mark of parts made by painting free resins.


(Rapid Heating and Rapid Cooling effect diagram)

Cooperation mode
From the customer's question to our specific analysis to the program, starting the mold according to the plan, the mold is completed and mass production is completed.
This product has passed CE certification; and it has been insured by Fubon International Insurance Company for quality responsibility, and can be used with confidence.
After-sale service
After sales service
  • Ordinary model first year free service lifetime warranty
  • Models with remote monitoring; our company charges a certain annual service fee.
Remote Control:
  • 1: Our company monitors through the remote control; it can monitor the running status of the equipment at any time; control the equipment data.
  • 2: Through the SMS controller; can realize the device start and stop, parameter setting, fault reset and other functions.
  • 3: The equipment is running abnormally; we or the customer will receive the alarm information at the same time for timely maintenance and processing.
  • 4; can be through remote services; remote download; system upgrade; troubleshooting and reset.