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Shenzhen Jiding Technology Co., Ltd(JiDing) is a high tech company with independent R&S. Its research team has many years and much experience on rapid heating and rapid cooling technology. Its research ranges cover rapid heating and rapid cooling designs of mold, equipment and central control system. Its team members are with much experience on injection production also. JiDing has designed more than 1000 sets of RHCM mold for our customers. Now rapid heating and rapid cooling machine has developed into its 7th generation. The company has its own intelligent properties and patents. JiDing’s rapid heating and cooling machine got CE certification and was underwritten by international insurance company(Fubon Insurance) in 2017, Product quality is safe and dependable.

Industries we served: 3C digital product, appliance product, auto product, plating product and so on.

Injection issues settlement: Shrinkage,welding line, fracture mark,fiber rich surface of plastic part, flow mark , stress mark, and other injection issues.

Jiding Technology Co., Ltd aim to offer customers of energy saving, environment protection products with best service and build up long term Win-Win cooperative relationship with customers.

Jiding motto: Best energy saving, Best service

  • We have served in the industry; 3C digital industry; home appliance industry; automotive industry; electroplating industry first.
  • Mainly solve the problem of injection molding; shrinkage of injection molded parts; weld line of injection molded parts; cracking of injection molded parts; floating fiber of injection molded parts; flow marks of injection molded parts; stress marks of injection molded parts.
  • Shenzhen Jiding Technology Co., Ltd. in good faith, innovation, energy saving, environmental protection, safety; quality service, customer-oriented purpose; to achieve a win-win goal.
  • The main business scope of the company; the production and sales of quick-cooling and rapid-heating equipment; the design and production of technical services for quick-cooling and rapid-heating molds: the development and service of international trade business services.